Create your own BackToTop scroller in reactjs with styled-components

Required packages to create back-to-top scroller button in reactjs:

  1. After installing the styled-components, create a components folder in src folder then create BackToTop.js file that components folder.
  2. Include below code in that particular file


3. In the same file also include below styled-components at the end of the file in order to style the scroller

4. Import BackToTop component in the ```App.js``` file


🎉🎉Finally it’s done to use scroller button 🎉🎉

Feel free to customize the styling as you want…… 😊😊😊

Thank You! I hope that it will be use full.

I’m Pavan Kumar, currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in CS. Check out my Portfolio to know more about me :



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Mistry Pavan Kumar

Mistry Pavan Kumar

Hi, I’m Pavan, a Full Stack Developer 🚀 from Hyderabad, India. Currently a sophomore student contributing to various open-sourced projects and working on quite